Dunkin' Donuts Worker??

Yesterday I devoted two hours purely to job searching--which led to a meltdown that included me crossing my arms and proclaiming that I am unqualified for every position and have absolutely no chance at a future. The cause? Too much time spent searching on the  site CareerBuilder.com. I'd run a search for entry level positions in Philadelphia, PA only to come up with being able to work in the U.S. Army or Dunkin' Donuts. Thus, the child-like, irrational meltdown ensued.

Ok, so let's step back. After a pep talk from my dad, a reminder that I am not in fact destined to work at Dunkin' Donuts for the rest of my life and a few, much needed, deep breaths I got my head back in the game. I recently met with Sarah and promised her I would do several small tasks to make the big task (finding the job) less overwhelming. I worked on those and then pulled out a paper I received at the Gap Year program that had a very long list of websites of Gap Year opportunities. I started sifting through some of the sites, and wow there are a lot of neat programs out there. So, time to re-evaluate and start reminding myself that I am qualified for a number of jobs and I will find a job after Graduation. Positive thinking, deep breaths and time to devote many more hours to job searching. And NOT on generic websites like CareerBuilder.com, that only creates unnecessary panic.

Good starting places: SAINTSLink, LACN, Career Search & Vault.
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