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So I've been doing a ton of job searching this past week now that I've been feeling a little bit more motivated. After running tons of searches, each time slightly altering the search criteria, I realized that I don't actually know what type of job I might like. I mean, I know where I don't want to work and what jobs I don't want to do (refer to the 'Dunkin' Donuts' blog entry), but what do I want to do? When I first started this blog I named a number of career possibilities--journalist, editor, event planner, social activist, educator, non-profit work, to name a few. But what is it like to work in these career fields? What do these people actually do??

Enter "Spotlight on Careers." Despite it being recommended to me before, I'd never really spent much time on it. However, now that I'm trying to answer all the questions I raised above, I'm finding it more and more useful. The site is broken down into five "career categories." Within each category are a number of career profiles. These profiles are incredibly comprehensive. The profiles includes an overview of the career which consists of "popular careers," "key skills," "mean annual earnings," "current trends," and "types of employers." The profiles also give resources for graduate and professional schools in that area as well as list profiles of professionals in that field. 

This is definitely a site worth exploring, and finally I'm starting to get some clarity on all of these different career possibilities!
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