Resumes: Makeover Edition

So one would think, as a peer advisor whose job revolves mostly around helping other people write and edit their resumes, my resume would be something close to perfection. Logical? yes. True? NO. I've been putting off finalizing my resume for a very long time. It's not that I didn't have a resume at all. In fact, I'd written several. As ridiculous as it sounds, I just never got around to working with a professional staff member to really edit my resume. 

Almost halfway through senior year and it was time to simply 'get over' my cowardliness and face my resume head-on. I met with Sarah and we began tackling my resume. We first worked on creating a general resume and then made a couple of resumes tailored to specific industries. Many hours and edits later my resumes were finished, and even Sarah could find nothing left to change. Despite the tedious process of "making over" your resume, it's such a relief to have it done.

Get yourself into career services, and get your resume reviewed. Your parents and your friends are not good enough to be the only people giving you feedback. A polished resume is not optional, it's required if you want to successfully navigate the job market. 
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