The Gap Year

New epiphany. So I'm sitting in the Career Services office yesterday, working on my resume for the umpteenth time, when Sarah Coburn, assistant director, says to me, "you know we're holding a program called "The Gap Year" on Wednesday. I really think something like this would be perfect for you, Rachel." 

The Gap Year. Why hadn't I thought of that before? "The Gap Year" is a short amount of time (usually anywhere from a few months to two years) during which students takes time off from study or 'career' work in order to volunteer, travel, explore, etc. With a tight job market and numerous new national and international opportunities, the Gap Year is becoming very trendy. The Gap Year can be a great time for a little self-exploration before 'real-life' begins, whether that means going to graduate school or launching your career. And let's face it--there's no better time in life to take a 'breather' than now while we're young, unmarried, and have virtually no responsibilities except to ourselves. The Gap Year can give you an experience like no other, not to mention an added boost on your resume. 

Make sure to learn more about "The Gap Year" by attending a program about it on Wedneday, October 21 at 4pm in the Monaco Room.
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