Paid Internship?

BREAKTHROUGH! I was eating lunch in the pub yesterday when Carol stopped by my table to ask if I'd seen the new Times Inc. internship that Emily just posted on SAINTSLink. Times Inc.? Paid Internship? Summer 2009?  Suddenly I felt a rush of excitement, a feeling that I've been missing this whole time.

I hurried onto the computer, logged onto SAINTSLink and found my new project. The opportunity was given to SLU by alum David Dusek '93, Deputy Editor of Lucky for me, I had had the chance to eat dinner with David while he was here for Laurentians in Residence. And now I completely understand the importance of networking--it's all starting to click. This is the beauty of SAINTSLink, all of the jobs and internships posted are posted by companies interested in SLU students, and many times by SLU alumni, which gives us an edge over others applying for the positions.

So, time to email David for a little advice and help on the application. Also, I'm going to start searching for other paid internships for the summer. An internship might just be able to hold me over until I find a job. FINALLY I'm starting to feel a little a bit more excited about this whole job (internship?) search process. 

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