Character Building?

I spent the first part of last weekend in NYC for EECD NY and my two, very much anticipated, interviews. I nervously practiced answering potential interview questions in my head the whole train ride to the city, and even found myself making a game out of trying to write down as many positive character attributes about myself as I could. Dorky, I know. As it turns out, while I'm not so optimistic that I'll get jobs out of the weekend, I sure left with some valuable experiences. 

For starters, how about the Alumni Networking Event. I walked by myself into a room full of important-looking alumni and knew almost no one. If finding the courage to walk up to strangers (involved in their own conversations) and introducing yourself doesn't build character, then what does? I also  managed to navigate the subway by myself uptown, downtown and uptown again. The  interviews themselves were nerve-racking. The first was nothing like I expected, and I struggled to get the interviewer to give me a chance to actually talk about my experiences. Awkward. The second interview went much better, despite an embarrassing snag in the middle. Out of nowhere my voice cracked and left, and I found myself coughing/choking while trying to answer a question about how I work as a team. Uhhhh. The interviewer asked me if I needed water while I, turning bright red, tried to recover my voice. What a fluke. I'm hoping that the embarrassment didn't hurt my chances too much, and I felt that I at least articulated myself well for the rest of the interview. But the whole time all I could think was, "Really Rachel, REALLY? Did that just happen?!" UGH. Luckily, the interviewer seemed impressed by the end of the interview, but I was left frustrated. She informed me that there were no positions available at this time, and I would simply be added to the company's college recruiting database. "Perhaps there would be something available in a couple months?" she said. I was left with one final character-building moment, sitting at a cafe near penn-station to grab lunch by myself. It was the first time I'd ever sat down and eaten by myself, and it's something I've always feared. Silly, I know, but true. I soaked in the atmosphere on Fashion Ave. before my long trip back to Canton. 

While I may not have found a job, I did gain valuable experiences--and to me, that made the weekend a success, no matter what. Character Building. I feel like they're will be a lot more of that in my future.
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