mid-life crisis at 21?

Ok, so hopefully 21 isn't mid-life...but crisis and meltdowns certainly sound fitting (though, perhaps dramatic) during this whole job search process. 

prime example-- facebook post from my best friend over winter break:
"dear rach, i just had my first job search meltdown :( probably going to be the first of many. i misssss you, i neeeeeed you. and i will see you tomorrow, but you should still chat with me tonight, love love" 

First job search meltdown...of many to come? Yes. Amidst job database after database, changing key words, and locations in hopes of finding something new, the results can  be over (or under)whelming. Coupled with pressure from family and friends, plus maintaining your campus activities, job, and coursework, finding a job often feels like a fifth class. It's absolutely stressful--no wonder my friends and I are all taking turns being emotional wrecks. But enough negativity and complaining. It's time to pull myself together--and for you to pull yourself together-- and get in the game. Sending in the first job application was the hardest, but now, little by little, it's getting easier. The more proactive I am, the better I feel, and the fewer "mid-life crisis" I have. Worrying about next year without actually doing anything is useless. Put the fear behind you and crank out some cover letters. Now, let's just hope all of the hard work pays off...
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